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Who is the most liked author on - Analysis of top 500 posts

2019-01-09 cover photo is a thriving community for programmers. Since 2016, a lot of good contents are created, shared and liked.

As a newcomer, I am curious what people care about on since I want my posts to be relevant.

So I decided to analyze the top 500 posts ever created on

data gathering

There is no API provided by But they do already have the ranked posts on this page All I needed to do was to scroll down until I get 500 posts and scrap the data. Here is the script and data.

There are so many things we can extract from the data. I am interested in the following questions:

And I wrote a script to answer them. Are you also curious? Drumroll, please!


which author is the most liked?

Ali Spittel with 23 posts in top 500 is absolutely the darling of! I personally find her posts on the topic of blogging really informative and actionable.

Here are the top 10 most liked authors on!

name likes rank
Ali Spittel 9570 1
Ben Halpern 8876 2
Alex 👨🏼‍💻FullStack.Cafe 3099 3
Sarthak Sharma 2288 4
Max Antonucci 2156 5
Nikita Sobolev 1987 6
Emma Wedekind ✨ 1941 7
Blaine Osepchuk 1698 8
Kim Arnett  1691 9
Isaac Lyman 1594 10

which author gets the most comments?

As the founder of, Ben Halpern gets the most comments. Thank you, Ben, for your effort to create such an amazing community!

It should not be surprising that 5 out of top 10 here overlap with top 10 most liked authors.

name comments rank
Ben Halpern 1355 1
Ali Spittel 1114 2 staff 895 3
Kim Arnett  452 4
Andrew Davis 301 5
Saurabh sharma 301 6
David Wickes 271 7
Sarthak Sharma 269 8
Dan Abramov 244 9
Max Antonucci 214 10

which tag is used most frequently?

Turns out that the most popular tags of the top 500 posts are very similar to the tags on

It seems folks on dev.on are relatively new to programming #beginners. Also, front end engineering is very popular here #javascript, #react.

Aha! I think I can create some react related posts for beginners to get more likes.😜


tag used rank
#javascript 128 1
#beginners 126 2
#career 116 3
#webdev 106 4
#productivity 75 5
#programming 49 6
#discuss 39 7
#learning 29 8
#react 26 9
#git 2 10

About 100 posts out of the top 500 have numbers in the title. There does not seem to be any strong correlation between numbers in post title and popularity.

vim vs emacs?

There are 6 #vim and 0 #emacs posts in top 500. For all the vim users out there, I want to say WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS on!

we are the champion

Just kidding. is a very inclusive community. It seems neither vim or emacs are very popular topics in the community. I think modern editors like VC code are much more popular, especially among new programmers.


After analyzing the top 500 posts on, I found that web developers on their early career are the predominant members on

That’s it! And may the best posts win!